A Gluten Free Kitchen

It took me almost two years to create a gluten free kitchen. Two freakin’ years. Looking back I see my all of my glaring mistakes and wish I’d made my kitchen completely gluten free from the get go.

I should have thrown out or given away every single glutenous piece of food in my house immediately after my son was diagnosed. Why? Cross-contamination. Your glutenous and gluten free foods are bound to get mixed If I put a piece of glutenous bread on the counter and do not wipe down the counter with an uncontaminated cloth, then I go to make a gluten free sandwich on the same counter, then BAM! Abe’s got gluten. If my two year old’s eating a glutenous sandwich at the same table as my kid that can’t have gluten, do you know whats going to happen? Abraham’s going to get glutenfied. Two year old’s are unimaginably messy. And how about that wheat flour in the cupboard. Flour gets everywhere. It will get into your non glutenous food. Its so much easier to just be completely gluten free.

Besides the mixing of the crumbs, I would also find myself accidentally giving Abraham foods that were clearly not gluten-free. I literally cannot count the number of times I’ve accidentally put the wrong syrup on the wrong kids pancake. Or used a spice I thought was gluten free but wasn’t simply because it was in my cupboard. Cross-contamination’s real folks, save yourself the headache and your fellow celiac the tummy-ache and remove all gluten containing foods from your home.

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