My Go-To Cake Mix

Since going completely gluten free I’ve looked and looked and tried and tried different gluten free cake mixes. I think I have finally found the ONE. The cake mix to end all cake mixes. That mix is? Drum roll please, Open Nature Gluten Free Yellow Cake Mix. They can be found at your local Safeway.

The first time I bought it was simply because it was on sale. I cooked it as per instructions and it came out better then most cake mixes. The only issue with it was it was a little dry. I thought about it for a while and knew there must be some way to fix this small fault. Then I remembered the last time my mother-in-law was in town she added in sour cream to the batter of a coffee cake she was making. I did some reading and found that sour cream can yelp with moistness. We are currently a dairy free family as well as being gluten free, so I went with Silk’s vanilla dairy-free yogurt (5.3 oz) figuring it was close enough. I also remembered that egg whites are drying. The directions call for three whole eggs, so I decided to leave out one egg white. I also use Silk Original Almond Milk and Smart Balance dairy free butter to keep it dairy free.

The result of these changes was a delicious, moist, gluten free dairy free cake!

Note: If going dairy free I highly recommend using an almond or soy-based yogurt, as I have found others give a bad taste.

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