Regaining Energy

Abraham and Orion

My son Abraham was a very VERY hard baby. He cried all the time. My husband and I would spend hours walking, rocking, and bouncing him as he screamed. He had rashes, blood in his poop, was gassy, barfed after eating most baby foods, and spit up every ten minutes. When we told his pediatrician what we were experiencing she just said he was colicky. (Insert the biggest eye roll ever).

After switching doctors multiple times we finally found one that listened to us and ordered testing for Celiac disease. Thank the Lord we had our answer! It took me quite a while to get the gluten free diet thing down, but man, once I did, he was like a completely different kid!

One of the reasons it was so difficult to go gluten free at first was because it was hard to pin point exactly what he was eating that had gluten in it (looking back this sounds incredibly stupid). It takes him at least a week to recover from being glutenfied, so, since he was getting a little bit every week we saw very little improvement. However, once we finally got it down, it’s VERY obvious when he eats something that has gluten in it. His energy goes from a slug to a squirrel on coffee.

He’s gone from being a grumpy butt (not that I can blame him) to being an energetic social little boy. He used to cling to me at the playground, but now he runs freely with the other kids. He used to nap for hours, but now he’s up for a full day of play. I cannot tell you what a difference going gluten free has made.

Looking back I clearly see all the mistakes I made, and can’t help but feel a little guilty that I wasn’t more careful from the get go. The major things we’ve changed are:

  • NO eating out at restaurants that are not dedicated gluten free (even if the staff are trained)
  • NO gluten containing foods in the house
  • We do not allow other people to cook for us (with the exception of MIL and SIL under my husbands supevision)
  • We routinely go back a recheck items to see if they are still gluten free
  • We do not trust third party opinions on whether or not something is gluten free. We will only try a product if the label or the manufactures website states that it is gluten free. Be careful though as we’ve had reactions to come products labeled GF (cough General Mills cough)
  • We listen to our sons body. If he has a reaction we don’t doubt that he has been glutenfied, and go back and recheck everything he’s eaten.

If my experience sounds anything like yours, I urge you to look into possible food allergies. Talk to your doctor about your concerns and don’t be afraid to get a second opinion.

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